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How to play


The rules are same as shogi. The goal of the game is to capture the opponent brown piece.


Shogi.to pieces:


●Pieces with round bubble can move one step in the direction of the bubble.


●Pieces with one or four pointy tips can move to the direction as much as the player wants unless there is another piece


●If there is a piece of the opponent in the path of movement, that piece can be taken off the board and can be used as own piece from the next turn.


●Taken pieces can be placed to any point on the board, but there can be only one pawn on each column, there are nine pawns for each player at the begging of the game.





Shogi.to game board


●The three rows of black circles in front of the players are their own base territory.

●The pieces other than white and brown ones can be upgraded by flipping the piece when the piece enters or exits the opponent territory.


Upgrade: When upgraded, depending on the colour of the opposite side of the piece the movement of it changes. If it is white, it will move like the white piece. If it is half brown, it will add the brown piece movement to its original movement.

How to move pieces

           App coded by Mert Atakan Kaya

● place pieces on the game board- 

Click a white mark and click where you want to place the piece. 
● move a piece - drag-and-drop the piece