We are invited at the event of the

"Go bond" in Den Haag on 31 August. We will sell Shogito & give free workshops there. For more info - EVENT

Venue: De Haagse Hogeshool, 2533 SR

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Shogito is available at Spellenwinkel

Friends & Foes in Amsterdam.

Shogito will be For Sale on line. 

1 st November 2020 


Shogito is on Shogi magazine.


Shogito is futured by Japanese design web magazine pdweb.

FEB. 2019

Shogito mini demo game is avaiveble now ! Visit and try  "How to play" page.

JAN. 2019

Shogito & Kickstarter project  has been successfully funded. 

Thank you for your support!

Market /Event

Shogito is invited at the event of the

"Go bond" in Den Haag on 31 August.

We will sell Shogito & give free workshops there. @12 - @18

Venue: De Haagse Hogeshool,

Den Haag / click here for the address

We will be on Museum market in Amsterdam on 16 May .

Venue: Museumplein, 1071CZ

Museum market in Amsterdam on 21 March has been cancelled

SWAN market in Rotterdam on 21 Dec has been cancelled. It will be postponed to next year 2021.


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you can play Shogito

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The next Shogtio Workshop will be held on 31 August 2021in Den Haag. 

Send us an e-mail for more information.

We are pleased to announce that  Shogito will be stored as a part of the Permanent Collection SaloneSatellite 20 years  that will be set up at Legno Arredo Training Centre in Lentate sul Seveso, Italy.

Shogito is available at Spellenwinkel Subcultures in Utrecht.

Shogito is available at church book shop  

Waanders In de Broeren in Zwolle.

Exhibition &  Market 

SPIEL 2018

Essen will be at SPIEL 2018
Please visit Hall 4 J104.  

Festival des Jeux 2018

Cannes - shogi and mameshogito at "Shogi Mediteranee's stand" in Jeux du Cannes. Special thanks to Mr & Mrs.Dovetta , Madokasensei from 25th -28th Feb. 

Hyper Japan 2017

London workshop at Shogi corner at Hyper Japan 2017 Autumn. Special thanks  to Mr.Rubio, chairman of  Shogi club Sanjyuyori.

SPIEL 2017

Essen & Chess version were presented at  T Magpie & PACOSACO's stand at SPIEL 2017.

International Shogi Forum 2017

Kita Kyusyu

Thanks to a professional shogi player Madoka Kitao jyoryu 2 dan, "" was introduced at a knowledge exchange space in The 7th Shogi international forum 2017 on 28th and 29th Oct.

Salone del Mobile

 Milan was selected and invited for the 10th anniversary event of Milano Salone del Mobile Satelite. 


Thanks! Message sent.


you can play



 Work Shops   
shogito-mini.jpg Free Workshop 

10th March 2020

invitation.png Workshop 

28th April 2019

workshop.jpg Workshop 

28th November 2018

toranomon.jpg Workshop & Talk

16 th November 2018

kyshu-university.jpg Workshop

7 th November 2018

17.shogitoworkshop-leiden-tomokoktia.jpg Workshop

14th Octber 2018

workshop.jpg Workshop 

10th July 2018 Presentation Work shop Work shop Work shop
at international festival Juex Cannes Work shop at Librery  pot Work shop Workshops